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Design House Digital has chosen the top digital designers in the business to provide digital kits for you to use. We're so glad they agreed to join forces with us, and excited to share them and their designs with you!

Crystal Livesay

Photo of Crystal Livesay

Crystal, a SAHM of three, was introduced to digital scrapbooking in the Fall of 2007. She hadn't ever done any traditional scrapbooking so it was all brand new to her but she immediately loved it and jumped right in and hasn't looked back since! She has been published numerous times in digital magazines and in print and decided to make a template based after her own page and put it up on her blog. Everyone seemed to love it and encouraged her to start selling and now here she is!

Recording the everyday is what is the most important to her and she loves being able to be a part of peoples story telling and memory keeping and helping them to save time in their creative process. It is completely fulfilling for her to able to share her passion for scrapping and documenting with others. Although she's a designer, she's really a scrapper at heart and loves making pages for her and her family.

Crystal lives in rural Indiana with her three kids and husband of almost 10 years. They love to spend time together at home and one day hope to move someplace warmer and near a beach. When she is not scrapping or designing she adores to read and catch up on movies and TV.

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Deena Rutter

Deena Rutter

Deena Rutter is one of the most talented illustrators in the digital scrapbooking and paper scrapbooking community. She has recently released 3 paper lines through My Mind's Eye called Abbey Road, Penny Lane, and Love Me Do.

Her designs are fresh, fun and incredibly unique. She has been designing for the craft industry since 1999 and has worked for several companies including Provo Craft, Crate Paper, and MME.

For those of you who are familiar with the Cricut, she designed the Storybook & Stand and Salute Cartridges.

She has been also involved in digital scrapbooking, selling her digital designs through PCLayers.

We're so glad that she now calls DHD her home! We are all so lucky that she is able to harness her amazing talent into such lovely papers and accessories so we can get our grubby little hands (and mouses) on them!

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Diane Rooney

Diane Rooney

Diane is a full time graphic designer + crafter based in the beautiful county of Kent in England, UK. Once her children had grown and flown the nest, Diane turned a much loved hobby into a career, starting her own digital art business, Diane Rooney Designs, after studying graphic and multi-media design as a mature student at the University of Kent.

"It's my love of colour and pattern plus seeing the practical use of my work that drives my inspiration and passion for what I design and create every day. Although I love using my designs for my own creative endeavours such as digital scrapbooking and card making, I get hugely inspired when I see how my customers use them."

As well as working as a full time digital designer, Diane is passionate about helping others to explore and embrace creative expression through digital art. A computer crafting, digital art evangelist at heart!

Diane lives + works at home with her loving and incredibly supportive husband, also a graphic designer. They enjoy regular visits with Diane's four grown up kids and grandchildren who are another never-ending source of inspiration.

Visit Diane's blog to learn more about her!

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Erica Coombs

Erica Coombs

Erica started scrapbooking when she was in High School and has loved it ever since then! She stumbled upon digital scrapbooking in 2008 and was instantly hooked. While she has yet to get rid of her paper and sticker stash, she hasn’t created a 'traditional' layout since discovering digital scrapbooking.

While Erica is not new to digital scrapbooking or to design, she has only been designing scrapbooking kits for a fairly short time. She is enthusiastic and passionate about art and design and is excited to be able to share her work with others. When she isn't designing or scrapbooking Erica enjoys capturing the lives of those around her with her camera, staying up late to read a good book, knitting, sewing and spending time with her family.

Erica has BFA from the University of Washington in Visual Communication Design. She lives in the Seattle area where she works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer.

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Michelle Scobell

Michelle Scobell

Michelle Scobell attended Utah Valley University and received her BFA in Graphic Design in May of 2004. She loves designing and has enjoyed working in the corporate and printing world as an in–house designer.

Now a stay at home mom, Michelle enjoys designing on the side. Her work can be viewed at

She also creates adorable invitations for her Etsy site at Scobell Expressions, blogging at (which is a work in progress J) and most recently designing scrapbooking images for Design House Digital.

Michelle loves digital scrapbooking and finds that she connects better with designing on her computer, rather than with actual paper, glue and scissors J

Michelle has been married for 8 years to her sweetheart Justin Scobell. They have a beautiful baby girl and German shepherd named Tank.

She enjoys spending time with family and friends, designing, shopping and being outdoors.

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October Dawn

October Dawn

Like many digi-scrappers, I started my addiction with paper, way back in 2000. I quickly became frustrated with the limitations, cost and space requirements and even stopped scrapping for a bit. I was intimated at first by PSE and it took me a bit to get fully comfortable creating a page. I haven't paper scrapped since 2006 and have never regretted going 100% digi. I can honestly say that I am 100% addicted! Designing was never in my plans, I just loved to scrap. But, my wonderful husband kept pushing me in that direction. I designed my first kit (which was a blog freebie) in April 2012. Yep, I'm new at this! But, I must admit, designing only furthered my addiction. I can honestly say that I adore designing and I keep learning new techniques each and every day.

I am married to my very own Prince Charming and we currently live in Kansas City with our 2 very ornery dogs. One day, we'd love to move closer to our happy place, Walt Disney World, but until then I love designing products inspired by it. I have my very own blog where I combine my love of Disney and scrapbooking each and every day. You never know what you may find there.

I'd say my design style is very inspired by paper scrapping. I love to include paper pieced and realistic elements. Cardstock is another addiction. I adore cardstock! It's so fun, and versatile. Oh, and I must confess… I also adore alphas. You can never have too many alphas!

Yes, my name really is October Dawn and no my birthday is not in October. I am originally from Wisconsin and my parents' favorite time of year there is early mornings in October. They really loved the crisp morning air with the smells of fall so heavy in it.

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Sara Schmutz

Sara Schmutz

Sara has always been interested in Graphic Design and Scrapbooking, but never realized the two would meet up down the road of her life. She attended UVU as a graphic design major while working various Design freelance and part-time jobs. She finally ended up full time for pcCrafter as a typographer - and was introduced into the wonderful world of digital scrapbooking.

Always on the lookout for a new adventure, Sara quit her day job soon after her daughter was born and went on to continue her love affair with scrapbook designing from home. Sara has designed for pcLayers, a Provo Craft Cricut Cartridge, and, most recently, has had two kits from Imagainisce release in the CHA Winter 2010.

Her love for digital scrapbook design has taken a back burner in the past year. But, after moving her family twice and finally settling down in the damp and gray northwest, Sara is finally ready to pull out her skills and start digi designing once more.

And, when Sara is not designing, she can usually be found either with a camera in front of her face chasing her daughter around the house, or working on, yet another, craft project or home decorating scheme. Feel free to visit Sara Schutz's blog for more of a taste of her life.

Sara currently resides in the upper-upper-northwest with her full-time-medical-student of a husband and a very lively and rambunctious two year old daughter -Ashlyn.

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Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan

Sarah began as a traditional paper scrapper in high school and often created her own embellishments for her pages. She was delighted to discover digital scrapbooking in late 2008 and has not created a traditional scrapbook page since. Her love for creating her own paper elements quickly translated to her digital pages. An accountant by training, "designer" seemed pretty far off, but after learning more about digital design, Sarah began creating and selling digital page kits in 2011 as Little Birdie Digital Designs.

While special events and holidays are important, Sarah enjoys focusing on the everyday when making her pages and digital kits. Capturing her growing family and sharing those memories with them motivate her to continue creating. She is honored and inspired by others using her work to capture their special memories as well.

Sarah resides in Wisconsin with her family. When not designing or working on her own scrapbook, Sarah is busy with the boys in her life – husband, two young sons, and a silly labrador pup- and enjoys putting those old paper supplies to good use in various hybrid projects. You can follow Sarah's work and projects on her blog.

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Shannon McNab

Shannon McNab

Shannon's love affair with scrapbooking started when she was in junior high. Her mom, Scotty, gave her a stack of leftover trip photos, a few sheets of cardstock and a pair of decorative scissors - and an obsession was born. Shannon and her mom scrapped side by side every weekend for 5 years until she left for college at SCU.

After losing her mom in 2004, Shannon took a break from scrapbooking. It wasn't until after graduate school at SCAD for graphic design that she felt the need to return. A lot had changed in her five years away and she was intrigued when she heard about people using Photoshop for digital scrapbooking - and was obsessed yet again.

While working with Donna Downey on her 2010 Prima Marketing Collections, Shannon was inspired by Donna's artistic entrepreneurial spirit to create her own designs. In May 2010, she opened her own digital scrapbook shop on Etsy and the customer response was her beyond expectations! Her brand name, Scotty Girl Design, honors her mother and the wonderful hobby they shared together.

Shannon lives in San Francisco with her husband and dreams of the day they can get a dog. You can check out her Scotty Girl Design blog for design and craft tidbits along with slices of her daily life.

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Vanessa Fenton

Vanessa Fenton

Way back in 2008, Vanessa's daughter asked if she would scrap her wedding photos. Well, she looked at scrap supplies in the store and nearly died at the prices. Then she found some digital kits on the web and thought, "I can do that!" and thereby started her love affair with digital design.

Vanessa loves to paint, whether it is in oils or digitally on the computer; and reproducing digitally, the many paper scrapping elements, papers, card-stock and scrapping techniques that conventional paper scrappers use is a never-ending challenge for her. She is totally addicted to both Photoshop and Paintshop Pro as each programme has aspects that the other lacks but which make her designing so much fun.

Photography and computer programming are hobbies of hers that keep her entertained for hours on end, as does her recent venturing into the world of Hybrid scrapping. She has a wonderfully supportive husband who actively encourages her digital exploits and who loves to just sit by her side watching as she paints and creates.

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