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January’s Design 365 Wrap Up


Thank you to everyone who participated in our 365 challenge for January! I’ve loved looked at your layouts in the thread and can’t wait to see you all psot them in the gallery that should be coming soon!

I learned a lot about myself in this challenge. I learned that taking a photo everyday is hard unless I just leave the camera out. A lesson well learned because the best pictures seem to happen on the fly. I learned that some of the best pictures are the moments that just HAPPEN…you know, all the daily stuff that never really seems worth taking a picture about. And I learned that it is important to journal because even as I reread what I did at the first of the month I find myself amazed at what we were doing and the little things that happen in our daily lives.

If you didn’t join me for January’s challenge, I invite you to come with me for February’s 365. You can do it however you like, but feel free to join this wonderful way to preserve your memories.

Winners of the January gift certificates for posting a layout in the Janaury Challenge thread will be named on THURSDAY to give people time to finish up layouts and post. Please check the very first post on that thread as that is where the winners will be announced.

Like my layouts? I used my January premade album to make them.


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