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Designer Birthday Blog Hop

12 of our lovely designers are hosting a calendar blog hop for our 2nd Birthday Extravaganza! All you have to do is hop around to all 12 blogs and pick up the month that they designed. Here are links to the designer’s blogs:

Jen Allyson – January

Robyn Meierotto – February

Karla Dudly – March

Erica Coombs – April

Karen Funk – May

Angie Hinksman – June

Celeste Knight – July

Shannon Hegarty – August 1

Sara Schmutz – September

Gennifer Bursett – October

Tiffany Tillman – November

Agnes Biro – December

Have fun and be sure to say thanks to each of the designers!

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13 Responses to “Designer Birthday Blog Hop”

  1. angelanoel says:

    I second luba lee – Yeah! I love these blog hops!!

  2. Kat says:

    Is anyone getting Feb calendar? I can’t seem to find it

  3. Demetria says:

    this is awesome… will someone be hosting January??? Thank so much to all the designers for their awesome calendar pages!!!

  4. Ruth G says:

    Loved them! Thanks so much for a wonderful calendar project!

  5. Kat says:

    Thanks for the calendar, it’s great!

  6. TanteEni says:

    What a great Blog Hop! Thanks to all of you!

  7. Janneke M says:

    Thank you! Did I miss Tiffany’s somewhere? These are all beautiful, by the way. What a great gift that gives the rest of the year!

  8. Adriana G says:

    I couldn´t find her November page either.The last post on Tiffanny´s blog was on Dec. 30th.

  9. tiffK says:

    I am having trouble downloading several of the items. When I click on image, it just gets bigger, but nothing to download comes up

  10. Liz (lizziej) says:

    Thanks so much, fab designers! It’s a great calendar!

    Tiffany’s is there now.

    Tiffk – when the image gets bigger, it will probably get smaller if you wait a bit. Then right click to “save picture as” – at least that’s what my computer says. There aren’t zip files for many of them.

  11. Kay S. says:

    Liz – Thanks for the advice. I was having the same problem as Tiffk.

    Thank you to all the designers. Beautiful calendar pages.

  12. Mel says:

    Thank you so much for the calendar! What great pages!

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