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Welcome everyone to ’s first (and hopefully not last!) blog hop! All of the designers here at have contributed to this amazing Spring kit. This HUGE kit contains 18 papers, 19 elements, 3 alphas and 1 hybrid box. WOW!

Now, here is the trick. You’ll have pieces to find all over blogland. I’m sending you on to Tiffany and ’s blogs (You can choose to go to either or both….they will send you on to the other designer’s blogs). Once you are done, you’ll have completed our blog hop and have the FULL kit!

It’s gorgeous! And here is piece of the kit from me, Kate, to you! (Click on it for your download.)


Ready to keep going and get more free goodies? Click on one of the icons below to grab another piece of the kit! (Hint, choose either the right or the left icon on every blog and it will take you around in a circle so you will hit every designer’s blog).



Here is a big preview for the complete kit. dhd_carinagardner_dhddesignerPREV

Enjoy and happy hopping!



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