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13 Days of Halloween – Paper Pumpkins

Welcome back to the awesome blog series 13 Days of Fall and Halloween Hybrid Projects! Allison here with today’s painfully easy hybrid project – Paper Pumpkins!

In our house we like our projects to be quick, easy, and not too fussy. That may have something to do with the fact that I live in a house of boys! All you need for this project is your favorite digital papers, paper and a printer, scissors, and adhesive.  Let’s get started!

There are a couple ways you could go about this. The first way is to just print your favorite patterned paper, draw circles, and cut out. I used 6 circles on all of mine but you can use as many as you’d like. The more circles you use the more “dense” your pumpkin will look. My pumpkins range in size from 3″ circles to 6″ circles. If you don’t want to print as much you can create your circles in Photoshop and use a clipping mask to insert your patterned paper to the perfectly sized circles.

Fold each circle in half with the patterned paper on the inside (white on the outside)

Glue one half circle to another half circle and continue until all the half circles are glued together.

Glue the first semi-circle to the last semi-circle to form a complete sphere.

To make your pumpkin stand, cut off a bit of the bottom.

Embellish your pumpkin as desired. We chose to make a stem out of a stick from outside. Like I said before we like our projects simple and not fussy so we left them pretty plain. I think it would be fun to add photos or notes to each “page” of the pumpkin!

Have fun creating!

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3 Responses to “13 Days of Halloween – Paper Pumpkins”

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  2. Shannon Dombkowski says:

    What a great idea, Allison. Thanks!

  3. missyb says:

    Hey, these are CUTE. I think even I could make these! Thanks Allison!

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